Dionna K. Trice is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. She is the Co-Founder of One
Accord International, and Vice President of Frederick Trice Ministries, Inc.--under
the leadership of her husband, Apostle Frederick L. Trice.

Dionna earned an MBA from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri. As an
educator, she has taught both Business Administration and Professional Development.

Since her youth, Pastor Trice has served in various ministries including advocating for
the fatherless, seniors, and victims of domestic violence.   As a Christian, she has
witnessed many atrocities and injustices in the Church.

The author’s inspiration is derived from personal tragedies and a desire to press beyond
the dimensions of unspoken pain. After suffering many disasters, she came to discover
a deeper place in Christ. It was here that she unveiled the hidden treasure which had
eluded her through the disruptions of life. The in-depth exposure and exhortation in
Memoirs of Mercy will empower, inspire, and liberate future generations from the
pandemic of silent suffering.